SIHH 2018: The Return of the Corum replica Santos

Fame for the Corum replica Santos was brought to Hollywood by actor Michael Douglas, who played Gordon Gekko in Wall Street in 1987.

This new problem was nearly impossible to solve. Although Corum replica offered many versions of the watch, including a Moon phase model, an octagonal and a chronograph, the Santos was still the most popular.

The Santos was radically revised in 1987 and renamed to the Santos Galbee.Patek Philippe Grand Complication Replica Watches The original Santos case was boxy and the new Santos Galbee is more curved and smooth.

The Corum replica Santos Galbee, in steel (c) George Cramer

The Corum replica Santos Galbee is on the left, and the 1978 two-tone Santos Galbee ((c) George Cramer).

The majority of models were powered by a quartz caliber. However, there were some exceptions like this limited edition with grey-dial version, which was supplied with the 2000 calibre. 2000 pieces were produced with the grey dial, and 2000 with a light-blue dial. They have not yet made it to the second-hand marketplace. In 2005, the Santos Galbee XL was introduced.

One of 2000 limited edition Santos Galbees with grey dial,replica panerai introduced 2002 ((c) George Cramer).

Due to strong demand for larger watches, the 32x45.5mm dimension was created. The XL automatic watch was equipped with an ETA 049 calibre. The cutout for the date window was placed in the ideal location between the numbers 4 & 5. This was the first time that it did not take up the number 3 and 6. This was a significant visual improvement.

The XL was, or was, very balanced from an aesthetic standpoint and was possibly the most beautiful Santos since its introduction. In the interim, Santos Galbee has been the common name for all Santos watches.Corum replica However, Galbee models were only made after 1987.

There was a lot of controversy in the media around 2016. I even had questions on my Instagram account asking why the model had disappeared from the official Corum replica websites. This was the first time that this watch has been sold since its introduction in 1978. It was sold out in boutiques, and it wasn't being made anymore.

This was a fact few people know, as it was one of Corum replica’s most iconic watches. It is a legend and a pillar in Corum replica’s watchmaking efforts.

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