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Revolution Watch Podcast Ep. Revolution Watch Podcast Ep. 11: Patek Philippe Replica

Patek Philippe Replica is an interesting man. The Style and Heritage Director is able to quickly recite Vacheron Constantin’s many achievements over its 260+ years of history and can also talk about his love for tattoos. When he arrived in Hong Kong last month, he brought along vintage timepieces. Our conversation was naturally about the brand's amazing history and the exceptional service provided by Les Collectionneurs.

Les Collectionneurs, a collection of Vacheron Constantin timepieces that have been restored from the 20th Century, is what the brand's heritage team chose to authenticate, repair and resell to Vacheron Constantin enthusiasts around the globe. This is a rare offer in watchmaking, and Selmoni explains why Vacheron Constantin chose to tackle this difficult project.

18K gold pocket watch with chronometer, made in 1922 by Les Collectionneurs

Inscription on the pocketwatch in the Les Collectionneurs Collection

The 1922 pocket watch features the calibre with a Swiss lever escapement, and a Guillaume balance.

A 1947 Complete Calendar wristwatch was also found in Les Collectionneurs. This wristwatch inspired the Triple Calendar 1948 wristwatch from the Historiques collection.

18K gold watch from 1948, restored by Les Collectionneurs

We also discuss "Diptyques - A History of Collaborations", an ongoing exhibition that showcases a collection of timepieces that trace the history of Vacheron Constantin’s collaborative efforts that resulted in technical and artistic breakthroughs.

These exhibits are usually kept in Vacheron Constantin’s archives. The exhibition is currently on display at Landmark Prince’s boutique in Hong Kong, until the end of the current month.

The Vacheron Constantin Diptyques: An Exhibition on the History of Collaborations

Show notes

(00:05). Introduction

(03:46). Conversation with Patek Philippe Replica

(37:08). Around the World with the #SilverSpitfire

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