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Are you happier working for a larger brand?

While there is a distinction between innovation and product, that doesn't mean the challenges and pressures are not significant. Robert and I are extremely lucky. Our mutual professional respect allows us to accomplish more than if working together. Each of us has our own centers of responsibility. Robert is responsible for strategy and creation, while I am responsible for R&D and technical. This allows us to do more. This has allowed us to build a larger team to protect and preserve the skills we cherish. Sometimes, it feels like we're navigating the ocean on a dinghy with an open sail. But sometimes, it rains like a hurricane!

How do you make a new watch?

Robert and I were already familiar with making tourbillons the traditional way when we started to work together. We knew that there was a cul de sac where performance couldn’t be improved. In the mid-1990s the watch press said that tourbillons were a scam and that mass-produced movements were as good. Robert and I began to think back to Abraham Louis Breguet. We both knew that a wristwatch is different from a pocket watch because it moves in space. So, we had a eureka moment and realized that an incline would be the best place for the escapement or tourbillon. We started at 30 degrees, and we knew that we could increase this. We set our QP and kept going until we reached our goal.

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People tell me that something is impossible. I think, however,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches that it was possible before the Internet, television and telephone. The diamond spring is an example. Although it isn't yet possible to commercialize the balance spring, it enabled us to make progress in areas such as Mechanical Nano.

Air turbulence drives a mechanical Nano propulsion wheel

Let me know about EWT.

Experimental Watch Technology is our name for our in-house watch lab. Robert and I quickly realized that we needed equipment and a laboratory to fully study the mechanical watch. Each watch is an equation that has one unknown "x". We find it and add to the experiment, creating new ground. This is an original approach - while there may be a marketing strategy behind the development, watchmakers don't believe this to be necessary.Replica Omega Watches Because we believe that the mechanical watch deserves a place in this world, we want to keep our skills and innovate.

Many people wonder if a Rolex GMT-Master II Replica could ever outperform a quartz watch. Before Einstein, nobody believed anything could move at the speed light. But now, we have the Large Hadron Collider. Accepting defeat or refusing it is not easy. Even if a project doesn't get completed, there are always lessons to be learned.

Nearly everything you do is focused on greater accuracy. Then you add a surprise, like the Art Pieces and the 3D globe on GMT Earth. This Rolex GMT-Master II Replica disruptive?

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