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Are you buying vintage pieces now that there is a greater emphasis on Rolex Replica Watches's museum and heritage collection?

Although we have purchased watches in the past, this all started about 15 years ago, when we named our first person to be in charge of archives and heritage. We began to collect and preserve what we had, and then we bought a few pieces. We didn't take into account the condition of watches at that time. So, now that we look at what we have,Rolex Replica Watches and in some cases, we notice that watches that have been restored don't have the correct hands or dials, we're starting to reconsider our approach. We are still searching for pieces that aren't yet represented. So, we are trying to expand our heritage collection and source better-quality pieces, improving the quality rather than the quantity.

Do you want to restore or keep a piece of furniture that isn't quite right?

We would have restored the piece in the 20th century. Today, however, we seek out the original to be able to tell the difference between a model with a history and one that is original. It is a matter of philosophy. Sometimes we prefer to keep the watch the way we found it. You can feel its age and sometimes it was for a reason. We might restore an item if we don't own one in its original state. It's not the same as the original. A restored watch will tell a different story.

Do you have any grail pieces?

A rectangular watch is available - it is not a Reverso,blancpain replica watches but it does have a perpetual calendar. It dates back to the time when Jaeger & LeCoultre were first joined. It is extremely important as it was only produced in a small number - perhaps seven or eight. Therefore, it would be quite interesting to find one. One may have been found at an auction house in Birmingham last spring. However, it was later discovered to be stolen. It was then removed from the sale and returned to its original owner. Unfortunately, we were unable to see it. However, I would love to find out where it is today.

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